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2nd Pairings

Goodfellow-Reise vs. Conacher-Housley

Goodfellow and Conacher are extremely close. They played pretty close to each other in era, with a small overlap at the end of Conacher's career and when Goodfellow switched from center to defense. Here is their all star voting:

Goodfellow: 2, 2, 3, 5, 5, 7
Conacher: 2, 4, 4, 8

But, it's important to note that all star voting didn't exist until 1930-31, cutting off 5 years of Conacher's career. But, we do have Hart voting from that time. It is:

Goodfellow: 1, 3(also a 4th place finish as a forward)
Conacher: 2, 2, 7, 10

Goodfellow holds a decisive advantage in all star voting, and the 1st and 3rd of Goodfellow and two 2nds in Hart voting for Conacher basically cancel out. Do those other Hart finishes make up for Goodfellow's advantage in all star voting? I'm not so sure. Let's look at offense:

Vs2 Points

Goodfellow: 110, 114*, 61, 100, 88(Total 473)
Conacher: 72**, 89, 106, 84****, 100, 100, 66, 114 (Total 731)

*Tie between Conacher & Goodfellow for 1st
**Split league
***Tie between Shore & Conacher for 1st

Conacher's longevity as a defenseman gives him the advantage here. But, doesn't Goodfellow's time as a forward get some credit in terms of offensive ability? Goodfellow's PPG in the playoffs is .267 over 30 games, whereas Conacher's is .114 over 35 games. Between all star voting and offense, these two are basically dead even as far as I'm concerned. Goodfellow does have two advantages, in skating and physicality. He was known for mixing it up often, and was a great fighter. He was also a very good skater compared to Conacher, who was seen as sub-par and made up for it with his size. Between these two guys, you can really just take your pick.

Phil Housley's sham of a Norris record is well known. It looks phenomenal on paper, but is based entirely on hockey card stats. I probably would not be comfortable with him on a 2nd pairing in a 32 team ATD. Conacher is a solid partner for him, but I'd rather have him play on the 3rd pairing and play as much PP as possible. That's why I'd rather have Reise in this situation. Housley's offense is definitely much better, but Reise was no slouch in that area, three times being top 9 in scoring among defensemen. Reise was also a rock defensively for a team that won two cups, and was named to the 2nd all-star team twice. He was also named to the all-star game on merit for two years that we don't have a voting record beyond the top 4. Because of Housley's shortcomings on defense and Reise's strong defensive play with some offense, I'd rather have Reise personally.

Overall, the 2nd pairings are an advantage to Philadelphia. Winnipeg's pairing brings better offense, but Housley is a weak link defensively, and Reise's superior defense over him is what tips it in our favor if you ask me.

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