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Originally Posted by 94now View Post
Well, I do not see how is he better than Nash. Not now anyway. Thus, I cannot buy "valuable" argument. I can see Rangers promising Creek not to trade him in Feb should he sign in April. I also don't believe he was never considered by Slats to be swapped for Nash. I can see, though, that once Creek agreed to sign in April Rangers took him off the table and the deal failed. That scenario is much better for NYR: Creek will be evaluated by Torts and Co. before summer. He could and certainly should be used in a game or two. Then the great minds will be analyzing his and Nash's videos, I am sure.
You could say that about most of the players on our team and every player in our farm system. It's not about him being better than Nash. First of all, we wouldn't be able to trade Kreider straight up for Nash, so there's no point in comparing them 1 to 1. And second, while Nash is obviously better than Kreider at this point, their respective caphits makes it a lot closer. Nash is not worth 7.8 mil per year. Kreider will likely end up being worth more than 1.3 per year before his contract is up.

I swear, I think you just write the things you do to troll, because I have a hard time believing that you actually believe what you write. Given how things went down with Howson at the deadline, I don't see Sather revisiting it, especially not when Parise will be available as a UFA.

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