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04-11-2012, 01:38 PM
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Worth Replacing Rusted Rivets?

Hi folks,

So I snagged myself a bit of a bargain (or so I thought) - I got Ovechkin edition CCM Vector 10s in my exact size for 40 (about $60).

They are fine, other than the guy didnt take very good care of them and probably never aired them after use. They are hardly scratched (not much wear) but all the rivets are rusty when I took the foot bed out.

Is it worth going to my LHS and getting them all replaced (still very cheap to do all of them)?

Will I have to buy a new holder, or will the same one be ok? Right now the holder is firmly mounted and none of the rivets show any strain under my weight, but I want to preempt any deterioration. Will the punching out of the old rivets compromise the existing holder or outsole in any way? I imagine having a rusty rivet will eventually damage the outsole so thats another reason I want to change them.

Should I wait till they fail (which could be months/years/never happen as I wont play any more hockey till I go back to study next september....they might survive longer) or should I just not risk the rest of the book structure and replace them now?

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