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Originally Posted by neksys View Post
Further to my above post, I disagree with this. Most beginners want to see progress. If they aren't doing tight hockey turns, show them how and make them practice until they get it. Far from being boring, you'll see them using any excuse they can to use that new "tool" every chance they get.

Keep in mind that if you are feeling they are stalled, they are probably feeling the same way too. I sincerely believe most of them would welcome a good long session of "back to basics" hockey skating lessons. Most are probably to embarrassed to ask for help on some of those fundamentals.
As someone who attends some of these clinics as a goalie I agree with the OP's point about adults not wanting to spend an hour doing skating drills. In fact, the one that I attend lists the skills that will be worked on each week and the 1st week that is pretty much all skating is the least attended clinic.

Even though skating is the most important piece of playing hockey, most adults want to work on stick handling, passing, shooting and strategy more than skating. Honestly I think if you ask adults to make them practice tight hockey turns "until they get it", you will have most of them leave. is offline   Reply With Quote