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Thanks everyone for your input and suggestions so far. I wish people would go to extra skating or stick sessions, but most of them are students who don't have cars, and the campus rink shut down a few weeks ago. And they aren't hockey nuts like us.

Looking back at my original post, I didn't mean to imply that anyone here who is a beginning skater isn't "motivated." Just wanted to state that for the record.

frackiewicz: Good point about the psychological aspect in coaching. I do try to chase after people during full-ice drills and point out things they can work on. I'm not so good at encouragement (it doesn't come naturally to me.) As for giving people their own piece of ice, I have done that and it seemed to work well. For example, I'd have people lay their stick down on the ice and do forward to backward transitions around their own stick. The other good thing about this, was that I could go around and help people one-on-one, without having to chase after them (like I had to do for full-ice drills).

Jarick: More edgework, good idea. Maybe we could do 20 minutes of powerskating at the beginning of each practice.

JoeCool16: Pairing up rookies with vets is an interesting idea. I'll have to think a bit about what drills would be appropriate. This would definitely address the problem of not having enough coaches.

neksys: I really like the drill your coach did to force people to bend their knees. Thanks for telling me about that -- exactly what I was looking for. Pushing people out of their comfort zone is a good idea. There's too much room for "cheating" when people skate on two legs. One-legged edgework would probably challenge them more.

JoeCool16, Stickmata, Santini5389: We did run mostly skating drills during the fall. I'm not sure we could continue to do that without driving people away. They signed up to play hockey, not for skating lessons. This winter, we mostly ran stickhandling and passing drills. I agree that we should be running more skating drills, but I don't think we can do skating 100% of the time. During the fall and winter, we kept the beginning players separate from the more advanced players. So it was easier to do more elementary drills. Now during the summer session, everyone will be practicing together, so skating drills all the time definitely won't work. The advanced players won't like it and if we have the beginners doing skating while the advanced players are doing tactical drills, I imagine that resentment will build up.

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