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04-11-2012, 04:18 PM
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My first, and biggest question is, how much defense did Prodger actually play?

10-11: forward(bio)
11-12: defense(bio)
12-13: ?
13-14: ?
14-15: ?
15-16: ?
16-17: ?
19-20: forward(HR)
20-21: forward(HR)
21-22: D/F(HR)
22-23: D/F(HR)
23-24: D/F(HR)

I'll assume that D/F means that he played mostly defense, but played a little bit of forward as well. He seems like a rushing defenseman that liked to hit and was decent defensively. I had him last year, so I'm familiar with him as a player, just not as him as a defenseman.
I don't have time to look this up now, but if you want, search for posts by me containing the word Prodger or Prodgers, and I am sure you'll find one that fills in those blanks. His bio in "the Trail" describes quite well which positions he played. I do know that in his last few NHL years he was shuttled abck and forth and it's impossible to call him one or the other.

If you are a person who thinks for these "split career" type players that only time spent as a forward counts for forwards, and the same for defensemen, then Prodger(s) should really only be a spare in the ATD... but a very good one, IMO.

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