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04-11-2012, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by volatile View Post
I would like to put knee-jerk over-reaction fans like you in charge. That will work.
Yes, an evaluation of Ruff or Regier based on their 14 year history as coach and GM is very much a kneejerk reaction.

Let's all remember that Ted Black's knowledge of this organization/team was zero before he got his current gig. I think he was last running a TV station or some such.

Pegula may be a long time fan, but if I was running a multi-billion dollar business, I probably wouldn't be paying really close attention to what the Sabres are doing beyond the odd game you can catch or box score. He's been distracted.

Pegula and Black will need time to come to realize they have to start over.

Miller referenced this year as a "lost season" in his locker room cleanout.

We likely have a few more on the way before things change.

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