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04-11-2012, 05:30 PM
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Originally Posted by VAN-HAB View Post
lol what a clown Trembley is making up ****, what an *******.
Why? Why would he (and Brunet, and others) make THIS crap on THIS specific player? Did they all agree on a common narrative beforehand? What's so extraordinary in knowing that some players are better teammates than others? And to Camm being among the others?

Hey, I remember hearing stories about Camm... before we even sign him! It's been going for a while. Why is it so hard to disbelieve that it is actually true? It's not like it some extraordinary claim.

It's like you guys are waiting for a proof, or something. Either you see it happening, and thus it's true and you believe it, or you don't see anything but hear about, and then it's absolutely impossible for it to be true, even if the "it" is quite banal.

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