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03-05-2006, 07:37 AM
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This team has been out worked since game 1 of this season. If not for Forsberg to Gagne they don't go on a run. You have to remember that their big road trip consisted of 1 goal games, 2 if they got an empty netter. They jumped to the top of the division, conference, and league on the back of a slew of 1 goal games. They didn't try hard then and now other teams have gotten it together a little more and the Flyers are on the bad end of these games.

I think Clarke made horrible decisions in bringing so many new guys. I'd rather have a constant in Fedoruk than Stevenson. Other than being injured a lot what has he brought? Fedoruk can and will fight and had improved his game. But Hatcher and Rathje? Two big, dumb, slow defensemen when the league is setting up for a speed game? Even worse now is the fact that Hatcher is the captain. It was bad enough when he was a veteran presence that didn't really try hard, but now he's the team leader? Now everyone plays like him! And Therien back? Maybe it's good for the locker room, and he was a constant for years, but he's a slow MFer too.

Oh well, I guess this is the part where all the Hatcher lovers come and rip me, but regardless of their current record if you're being honest you know they have underacheived alomost all year, and Hatcher has been their leader in that.

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