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11-19-2003, 03:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Don_Cherry
Explain how you drew a comparable connection between the two using common sense and not a number that you noticed and decided to base your arguement on?
You can pick any player from junior who hasn't done well in the NHL, Scott Parker was simply the quickest choice because I'm familiar with him and he has two qualities that Jordin Tootoo has: toughness and a killer shot.

Points in the CHL do not necessarily translate to the NHL. The only indicative thus far can be Tootoo's production in the NHL, and one goal in nearly two months of hockey is certainly Parker-esque.

You're going to defend Tootoo, and I'm going to attack his flaws. We both share differing opinions, and I respect that, but let's not use points in junior as an indication of talent in the NHL. I'd much rather watch the actual games and see Tootoo's glaring lack of puck skills.

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