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04-11-2012, 07:35 PM
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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
Oilers now have 1st pick.
Seems they want massive overcompensation, will not put Eberle/Hall/RNH in mix.
Yet they know they need D. Seriously.

supposedly Shea Webber wants to go home after next year.
Home is thought to be Vancouver but Edmonton might be close enough.

Assuming there is a deal LIKE:
Weber + Radulov + X
1st (Yakupov) + Y

Then what could we offer to get Radulov?
I know he's RW and somebody will have to play off wing while still we're dying for lefties, but still he's a bonafide sniper, here now, good fit.

Should you accept this invitation, please post:

1) Assume some deal is made first like
Weber + Radulov + X
1st (Yakupov) + Y
but fill in X and Y and comment.
{particularly, would we have to make it 3 time and participate with the X and Y when that part of the deal is going down?
Or would the follow up we have with edmonton be shaped by the X and Y?}

2) If that happens, what do we trade for Radulov?
One thought is Girardi + Stepan, assuming we have a good deal for decent term.

Other pieces may need be involved on both sides, but if Edmonton wants to gamble on getting Weber now so it can schmooze him into staying and signing and avoid Canucks having a shot at him, and they could add Girardi, that would be tremendous for them, + Stepan is a good distributor and would be a good fit with their snipers.

We would get a sniper.

Pul-eze, no more darn Russian enigmas on this team. USA, Canadien or Sweidish born players acceptable only!

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