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04-11-2012, 07:52 PM
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Originally Posted by DrEasy View Post
Have to agree though that Barrymore's is too good a venue to be used the way it is. I remember back in the late 90s (yup, I'm old) when bands like Guided by Voices, Suede or Tortoise played there. For some reason good shows gradually moved over to Babylon's, and potentially great concerts (Bonnie Prince Billy, Damon & Naomi, Yo La Tengo) were ruined because you either couldn't see the band (stuck behind a pillar or the obligatory gigantic dude) or hear them (all the loud conversations at the back).

Probably there just wasn't enough audience for those kinds of bands anymore, so it was only interesting for smaller venues to have them.
My understanding is back in the hey day of the 90s, it was co-owned by Eugene from Zaphods, and some other dude. They also co-owned Zaphods and the short lived Zaphods 2 on Bank. There was some sort of falling out, and Eugene got (and still has Zaphods) and the other dude got Barrymore's.

Also, a little time after that a bigger venue opened at the old RJ's/liqourdome (now torn down and condos), called Capital Music Hall (I think). They held about 1000, Barrymore's holds about 500. After that music hall got torn down, it moved to a smaller, ****** venue by York I think, and never reallly survived long.

Barrymore's was a great live venue, holding Radiohead, Headstones, Moist, Rusty, gob, U2, etc,etc.... what a shame!

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