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11-19-2003, 03:10 PM
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Well that's the thing, he wasn't expected to be a homerun shot.

I remember people saying even then that the rangers played it safe. i mean to me the teams that "Gambled" that year were

Chicago with Bell {if Malhotra was taken, the Rangers would have gambled on him}.

Toronto with Antropov.

Carolina with Heerema.

Calgary with Fata.

Those were picks that were gonna go either way.

Malhotra was safe, though he needed work. He certainly didn't look terribly out of place his rookie year and was well on his way. But this organization suffers from prospect A-d-d !

Looking back the only thing that saved Mike York was a good start to his rookie season. If not he easily could have been shafted as well.

One prospects, i can swallow the "bust" mentality but history seems to be repeating itself with this team over and over again because someone just never learn. And that is why unless it changes, the next prospect bust we'll talk about will be jessiman and moore and blackburn and tjutin.

Assuming of course they ever even get a "Chance" here, which means assuming they ever get their two minute audition. You know acting tryouts go like that, you give a one minute monologue. Maybe thats why this team plays like a comedy because they were auditioned like one. After all they are a broadway show aren't they?

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