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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
This post made me cry.

1) Says who? Nash has played on a terrible team with no support... ever.
2) You'd trade Del Zotto + Dubinsky + Miller + our 1st for Yakupov... a player who's never played in the NHL before...
3) You'd trade one of the best goal scorers in the league along with our top prospect and 1st for, again, an unproven prospect.
4) You'd trade one of the best goal scorers in the league along with one of the brightest puck moving defensemen in the league along with the better part of our farm for 2 players who may never fit in our system.


Edmonton isn't trading Eberle, or NH, or the 1st, or Hall. They're about to become the Penguins of the West. They'll have 1 more poor year, draft a stud defenseman, sign a goalie, a few more fillers, and take off from there.

Ovy and Crosby's first years weren't successes either, no reason to believe Yakupov's will be any different.

Soon they'll be one of the scariest team's in the league. They're not trading their elite players regardless of the package.

That being said, why the **** would we be trading important cogs to our team for risks? "Can't miss" my ass. Too many prospects have that label given to them and completely choke. Yea getting Yakupov would be awesome, but if we were handed the pick for no price, which isn't happening.

We keep our depth, try and sign Parise, or try and trade for Bobby Ryan. I doubt Sather will revisit Nash unless their GM and asst. GM get some common sense and accept what we offer to them and not the other way around. Bottom line is we're moving forward with what WE'VE ASSEMBLED. We lack 1 piece, we're not gonna be opening up holes to get 1 star player.

As for your Gaborik assessment I think he scores at least 4-5 goals and adds 6-7 assists. Obviously it's yet to happen but there is nothing to suggest that he'll suddenly decline for the **** of it.
So much is wrong with this.

Crosby and Ovechkins first seasons weren't successful? What? WHAT?

Eberle and Yakupov "may never fit in our system?" WHAT? You could say that about anyone. Would you not trade Anisimov for Malkin because he may never fit in our system?

Eberle is a young, elite winger. Yakupov is going to be a great all around player and an impact player. It's amazing how people overrate our own prospects and underrate others. Most of you consider Kreider untouchable. Yet, you find reasons to tell me Yakupov hasn't proven anything and thus isn't worth giving up replaceable, albiet very good assets for? Come on now.

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