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Originally Posted by volatile View Post
I'm not talking about an evaluation of Ruff of Regier. I'm talking about the ridiculous evaluation of Pegula/Black.


I have to wonder how detailed of a plan and trajectory Pegula laid out. I REALLY doubt it as an "ok lets keep R&R for a few years and see how it goes". At the very least, you would think they they the bar set for each season.

Here's a random example...

Season 1 (this year): Establish your team. You have the rest of this season (last) and next (this year) to establish the core of the team, cut the fat and bring in important players. The focus should be more on longer term investments
Season 2 (next year): You must make it past the first round
Season 3 (2 years from now): You must make it to the Conference or Cup Finals
Season 4 (3 years from now): We want a ****ing cup

Don't meet these goals and they're gone.

Now, the only way to NOT meet the goal for season 1 would have been to make little to no moves to improve the team. I don't think Pegula would view what Darcy has done to improve the team so far as a failure.
I'm pretty sure that the goal for this season was to at least make the playoffs, and I'm pretty sure there is a soundbite where Pegula does say explicitly that missing the playoffs would be a major failure.

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