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04-11-2012, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Zuccarello Awesome View Post
So much is wrong with this.

Crosby and Ovechkins first seasons weren't successful? What? WHAT?

Eberle and Yakupov "may never fit in our system?" WHAT? You could say that about anyone. Would you not trade Anisimov for Malkin because he may never fit in our system?

Eberle is a young, elite winger. Yakupov is going to be a great all around player and an impact player. It's amazing how people overrate our own prospects and underrate others. Most of you consider Kreider untouchable. Yet, you find reasons to tell me Yakupov hasn't proven anything and thus isn't worth giving up replaceable, albiet very good assets for? Come on now.
Damn... I guess people have lowered their standards on success around here.

Washington didn't make the playoffs until Ovechkin's 3rd year in the NHL.

Pitt didn't make the playoffs the first year Crosby was in the NHL either.

By success I meant team success. This is a team sport, yes? Individually, their stats were great, but that amounts to about nothing when your team isn't successful. Ask Rick Nash that.

So no. In my book, both Crosby and Ovechkin did not have successful first seasons in the sense that their team's did not benefit from their rookie campaigns in the playoffs. By saying that Yakupov will follow suite I meant that the Oilers will be at least another losing season away from making the playoffs.

Eberle is a young elite winger, but he's small. From what i've seen from him he's also not defensively sound. As for Yakupov, he's never played a game in the NHL. I'm not trading the assets you list as "replaceable" for a player that may never come to fruition.

As for the assets you list as replaceable... they've made us the 1st overall seed in the Atlantic this year, if you haven't noticed. They fight for each other, they've bonded, and they're maturing as a unit. What more can you ask for from a team? And here you are throwing their names around left and right to be traded.

We need 1 piece that we can't immediately fix from within our farm system to be lethal. 1.



Let's just blow this up though so we can add big names. Haven't you learned anything from the era where we constantly added big names at the expense of our farm?

As for valuing our prospects over others, I don't know if you've noticed, but currently 4 of our top 6 forwards have come from within our farm. Additionally, if Kreider were to play on the 3rd line in place of Fedotenko, which is a distinct possibility later on in the playoffs, 6 of our top 9 would be homegrown. In addition, every defender we have with the exception of Stralman is from our farm too.

Hank is from our farm.

So, 12/16 of our most important players are from within our farm and drafting system.

Again, if you haven't noticed, we're in 1st place. I'd say our prospects have turned out to be pretty damn special. I'm not overvaluing our prospects... our prospects have shown results. All Eberle has shown me is a flashy goal and some padded stats on a team that has amounted to nothing in the last 5 years.

But I'm wrong. Clearly. Let's trade our core pieces - pieces you believe to be replaceable, for some up and coming studs with big names and hype tags.

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