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04-12-2012, 04:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Like Wall View Post
How come when WCH is nearing I always feel like I'm facing a firing squad? I cannot really comment much on our roster, other than Jučers - who is not really a goalie, whom we could trust yet. Masaļskis hasn't had much ice time this season, and that just means he's not in the best shape. We desperately need out "American" players. I hope Nolan knows, what he's doing.
That's because you're a pessimist.
And I don't understand this obsession with "American'' players. Yeah, I could understand it when we had Skrastiņš, Žoltoks, Irbe there but whom do we have there now. Daugavins, a 10 point guy in the NHL, potential for 3rd line of AK Bars and being kicked out like Bergfors this year, Kulda in AHL and Bārtulis who's fought with injuries all year.... Pelšs who's deep in play-offs and even without that is barely a 4th line player at this point (the same for Girgensons).... Ivanāns

We have plenty of good defensemen to choose from and yeah, Daugavins would really help this team but he won't be our saviour. We need to play with guys we have, had this format been in place last year, we'd surely rank higher than when we were after that unfortunate loss to Denmark and yeah, this year we don't have Ņiživijs and Vasiļjevs... but we have Sprukts and Jekimovs after a good season in SM Liiga, potentially Ķēniņš after a long play-off run in NLA, Meija has been better than ever, young HK Rīga guys are stepping up, the same about Jučers who's now played two consecutive decent games for the NT.

It will be hard but with Nolan and young guys we can skate and we can fight. And in this company we have (Germany, Norway, Denmark, Italy) we can sure as hell, if everything comes together, show a pretty good game.

This far I don't see a reason for panic, the games vs the Czechs were good, the game vs Denmark we won, so it couldn't have been bad, there was no need to pull Jučers at any moment, we weren't outshot like 40-20 in those games and Bukarts continues to score in any competion except KHL and as WC is not KHL, he'll continue to score there too )

Nolan is a damn good coach. You don't get ''Jack Adams'' for nothing, whatever Lipmans did to get him, as Irbe said we've never had a coch like him...

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