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11-19-2003, 04:33 PM
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Originally Posted by disles1
The top 4 are very good no question BUt in the playoffs you need someone to clear the net and we dont have that and THAT is why the isles will not advance to far in the playoffs
I wouldn't say not having a crease clearer is the reason the Isles won't go far in the playoffs. I think the overall talent level of the Isles is lower than that of NJ, Phily, and Ottawa. The Isles will likely play one of those teams if they make the playoffs, and they'll likely lose the series. Same fate as my Sabres, just not talented enough. Both teams have young players that haven't developed yet.

Also, Niklas Lidstrom clears his crease all the time and he hasn't thrown a hard body check in his life. He's just awesome with his positioning and stick play, and can push guys out of the crease without crushing them. I think the Isles could use a hard hitting d-man, but Niinimaa, Hamrlik, Jonsson and Aucoin can clear the crease.