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04-12-2012, 08:19 AM
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Originally Posted by iceman536 View Post
How do you see the situation? I've watch a lot of hockey over the years and have never seen a player grab another player's head and slam it into the glass. It was a deliberate attempt to injure, and regardless of the extent of the injury inflicted it deserves a lengthy suspension. You just can't do that. The excuses people are making are laughable. Zetterberg hit Weber first (irrelevant); Bertuzzi landed a shot on Paul Gaustad (per Trotz - this is even more irrelevant).

There is no question Weber is a great player, but he isn't worthy of any respect for such a gutless move. What kind of player is he that he could just snap like that and try to seriously injure another player? And Trotz's comments are ridiculous. I also lost respect for him, who I think (thought) was a great coach. He should shut his pie hole.

Weber will get a one game suspension, showing that Shanahan is just as big of a puss as Weber. Shanahan is already on record as saying the playoffs are different than the regular season. He's a moron, and the NHL will remain a second rate league as long as the league continues treating the playoffs as "different" from the regular season.
So if Shea Weber feels he was hit from behind, with his knee being targeted by Zetterberg (which is intent to injure), he should just take it like a man? Or perhaps say, "Gee, sorry Mr Redwing, I didn't mean to get into your way?"

You really think Weber thought, "Hey...I see an opening here to slam Zetterberg's head into the glass - let's see if we can get him out with a concussion?"

Weber got royally pissed and attempted to let Zetterberg know it. His reaction was over-the-top and I certainly won't cry "unfair" if he gets a game for it. However, I don't believe Weber was out to purposely concuss Zetterberg. He was out to bounce his face off the glass and let Zetterberg know he wasn't just going standby and let him hit him from behind.

But as I said, the reaction was too much and I won't argue if he gets a game. But the Detroit fans screaming that he should be gone for the playoffs or the series are being ridiculous. Weber does not have a history of dirty play. It was wrong and too much, but it doesn't make him a scum-bag.

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