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04-12-2012, 09:20 AM
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Originally Posted by transcend View Post
I'm back from the first playoff game I've attended in person since... A while.

Honestly at the beginning of the season I wasn't sure if I was going to pay the NHL any further attention. If I had known that in the future I'd be driving to Nashville and going to a playoff game and screaming at the top of my lungs, I would have assumed that my aspirin pills had been replaced by LSD.

The future is a funny thing, that.

It's been tough, but you guys have really helped me and a lot of other fans through a tough time here with the Thrashers gone. My ears are still ringing, but I'm perfectly fine with that. I'm fine with the grin on my face. I wish I could attend every home game for the rest of this playoff stage, but I'm satisfied with the experience I had on a Wednesday night in Nashville.

Without sounding too sappy... The Preds taught me to like hockey again.

Another former Thrashers fan here- I couldn't agree more. It took a little time, but I now consider myself a die-hard, 100% emotionally invested Predators fan, and I couldn't be happier about it.

So much so that I drove 7 hours round trip from Birmingham for the game, getting home at around 2 am, and will do it again for Game 2 and 5. Even if it was a 10 hour drive it would have been worth it..

I am a huge sports fan, and have probably been to well over 1,000 sporting events in my lifetime, and last night was one of the best experiences I have ever had at any event- it was absolutely amazing, and to think that it is just game 1 of the first series- crazy.

As I sat in Bridgestone last night, I was thinking that with the state of the franchise and ownership in Atlanta, I doubt we would have ever seen the Thrashers have the level of success the Predators are having now. So I guess that is one positive to came out of losing my team. But as some of the other Thrashers fans have said, the Predators have absolutely helped us to get over the devastation of losing a team.

So, thanks to the Predators team, organization and fans.......

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