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04-12-2012, 09:45 AM
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Jeremy White ‏ @JeremyWGR
#Sabres should have a postseason presser. I want to hear from Darcy/Lindy/Terry. But not many teams do what Ted Black is doing now on WGR
Mike Harrington ‏ @BNHarrington
@JeremyWGR Doesn't count. Speaking on the flagship radio station with screened calls from fans is not speaking to the media. At all.
Mike Harrington ‏ @BNHarrington
@JeremyWGR No time to be patting the president on the back for appearing on the station when the owner, GM, coach are kept hidden.
Harrington real mad y'all
Mike Harrington ‏ @BNHarrington
#Sabres absolutely missing the point. You connect to fans through media. Black always available. Should hold presser w/TPeg, Darcy, Lindy.
Harrington is missing the point, the Sabres can connect with fans however they want to. Print media is dead and insignificant. They got you all mad bro.

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