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Well. I'm trying to answer those question I'm asked... Now as short as possible...
Originally Posted by CapnCornelius View Post
Age isn't what the issue is. Depth is. If you are playing a glorified AHL player at any age (cough*Aaron Johnson*cough) it is because as a GM you failed to get depth through trades or free agent acquisitions so that player wasn't on your roster.
No, that's because you have 4 NHL d-men injured and bunch of kids developing in the minors.
Now we went on the non-surge because of John Moore's pathetic plus/minus? Who was the other defensive prospect you were thinking of that helped? Brett Lebda?
Maybe you've never heard of them, but I saw some guys named Savard, Prout and Goloubef playing for the Jackets recently.
You're right, the Jackets have never had problems with developing young players [looks at Steve Mason sitting in the corner crying].
I like it when you try to make Howson responsible for every struggling youngster and don't give him any credit for the development of the guys like Atkinson or Savard.

Here's a quote from the Dispatch about our own Chris MacFarland (again, assistant GM) during the courting of Scott Arniel (also known as, yet another huge Howson mistake).
Memorial cup is a major CHL tournament. Only 4 best teams are playing there. You again failed to bring in any evidence that Howson had any relation to the Edmonton draft choices. And again cherry picked only the part of my post completely ignoring the fact that Edmonton was the WC champs. Didn't you say recently that Howson's never been a part of any successful team?

Why don't you drop the defense of Howson's tenure in Edmonton as it relates to drafting?
Why don't you stop making him responsible for something he can't be responsible for?

So, getting back to this whole idea that Howson is great at drafting,
Keep twisting my words? When did I said that Howson is great at drafting? I remember saying that he was better than most NHL GMs at it, which means he was in the top-15. He's good at most (how can we forget about Filatov?) and that's about it.
what would you say if I have a GM who drafted 8 players with 20 games or more of NHL experience during his most recent 5 year span as GM? I assume that GM would be viewed as a better drafter than the likes of Detroit, Chicago, etc.?
At this point - definitely. In a couple years these terrible drafts are gonna hunt the team like Detroit. Last night I watched the Nashville-Detroit game and at the last minute the Wings had on the ice only 30+ years old guys. Well, except Hudler who isn't exactly an NHL star.
You were right that they don't rush their prospects, but even in the best case scenario Detroit can get at most 3 average NHLers out of those drafts. Boston and Chicago best players are still young and their future doesn't look as bad as Detroit's, but this fact doesn't make Chiarelly or Bowman good drafting GMs since their core was drafted prior to their arrival.

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