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04-12-2012, 10:15 AM
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"And how did SV do out in Kamloops?"

Quite good thanks for asking, they lost to some elite teams POE, NSWC was a great game at 3-2 until a final minute EN goal, Seattle could have gone either way, there was some controversy with them as they "picked up" players including Van snaak to supplement their team. They beat Airdrie which went to the final 4 in the Alberta AAA league and westside a AA team that had lost less than 2 games all year up until this tournament. No embarrassment the kids and parents handled themselves with class.

How did NE do at westerns? did they take their garbage cans to bang behind the opposition bench all game? classy...

"I don't think having draude in the lineup would have made much of a difference"

I think we will have to disagree on that point.

"Needing one player in the line-up to win does not make a good team"

Need more than one player to win of course, i can only assume you are being facetious, but the league leading scorer likely would have had an impact on that game, deny if you wish...

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