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04-12-2012, 11:23 AM
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After watching the game I have come to this conclusion, the crowds just turned the noise up to 11. Jesus, I was giving out the warnings of earplugs when the crowd gets to 9, but last night was 11.

Watching Bourque and Halischuk I now understand why Wilson and Smith are on the bench. They simply skate you to death. When they are on the ice, it's no country for old men. Hustlechuk has motor that does not stop. If he can't skate through you, he will skate around you. I wouldn't be surprised if he does some John Woo **** if he can't do either. And my favorite last name in hockey that is not 'Belanger' is Bourque. i was happy when they drafted the kid. I was thrilled he made the team. Now, dig up Shakespeare to create a new word for the elation I feel.

Oh, and I think the Preds won the Arnott trade; Halischuk and Magnus Hellberg.

Another guy who looks like his fueled by something out of a car plant and not anything biological is Radulov. he's skating his ass off too.

Hey Babcock, you're right. The 3/4 line match ups are working out just great. And don't you love the Preds scored 3 Predators goals? Gaustad with the fluke, Bourque with the fluke deflection. Bourque with a second. 3rd and 4th lines scoring a lot.

Sadly, the top pairing had some brain farts, I mean like letting one rip in church level brain farts. the Suter slash was weak. I think the Red Wing was using a stick made of paper mache. But the Penalty during the kill was stupid.

As for WEBER SMASH! If you are going to get a suspension, as least have the common decency to fully push Z's head through the glass and give us a really cool youtube video.

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