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Originally Posted by bizoncol View Post
I like it when you try to make Howson responsible for every struggling youngster and don't give him any credit for the development of the guys like Atkinson or Savard.
Because we don't have anything to back up NHL level success for Atkinson or Savard. We do have plenty to back up NHL level failures.

Memorial cup is a major CHL tournament. Only 4 best teams are playing there.
Good lord. It is but one example and totally disproves your whole "well I never" routine. Yes, AGM's do amateur scouting. Moving on...

Edmonton was the WC champs. Didn't you say recently that Howson's never been a part of any successful team?
No, I said he has no history to back up your confidence in his drafting. Stay focused here. We're talking about drafting. The Stanley Cup is a red herring--if Howson doesn't deserve full blame for the Oilers drafting (what we are talking about) he sure as heck doesn't get full credit for the Oilers making it to the SCF.

Keep twisting my words? When did I said that Howson is great at drafting? I remember saying that he was better than most NHL GMs at it, which means he was in the top-15. He's good at most (how can we forget about Filatov?) and that's about it.
So, your whole draft defense of Howson is for not. "Good" at drafting is not enough to overcome his poor handling of other facets of the job.

At this point - definitely.
Let me introduce you the GM I was talking about and his team. His name is Doug MacLean. The team is the 2006-07 Columbus Blue Jackets.

And this is why the defense of Howson based on drafting fails. Doug could also make some claims based on his drafting--heck, he had two 30 plus point players on the team that he'd drafted in the prior 5 years, which is more than Howson can say. But he, like Howson, failed at the big picture--team building.

The prosecution rests.

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