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04-12-2012, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
I don't understand why there simply isn't a phone call from the video booth to negate plainly bad calls? Just seems like it would make too much sense: "Hey ref, that was offside, no goal. Ok bye." Just seems like that's the way to protect the integrity of the game the best way instead of having an arcane system of rules to mask incompetence. I'm not crying about the goal, I just mean in general.
Where do you draw the line? So if Pittsburgh had gone offside and it was missed a minute prior to the goal should it be called off? Technically their should have been a faceoff over a minute prior and who knows if things would have changed should that call be made. Is there a 10 second buffer? 15 second? 30 second? Does the missed call have to be against the team that scored?

That is why it isn't reviewable. There is no clear place to draw the line on when a missed call should be factored in.

For those saying that the waved off icing was unfair, you play until the whistle blows. Doesn't matter if he couldn't see the ref.

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