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Originally Posted by Jet View Post
There are panhandlers in EVERY major city.

I honestly think that people who are afraid of downtown and/ or complain about safety etc. either don't really come downtown or live sheltered lives.

I have lived down here for a year now and I absolutely love it. I walk all over day or night and have never felt threatened. I actually had more trouble growing up in St. James than I have ever had downtown. The development is very exciting, and is just more of the stuff that has been happening down here for a few years now.

If you are expecting to go to a downtown where there is no public drunkenness, panhandling or crime, then don't go to ANY downtown in ANY city because it is as much a part of a city's core as the sun is a part of the sky.
I couldn't agree with you more!

I grew up in the North End and currently live in West Kildonan. I"ve always loved the exchange, and have been wishing for developments like this to occur for a long time. I'm always flabbergasted by the opinions people from "the burbs" tend to have as to the downtown sector and their complaints. Boggles my mind. It's like they've got an unfounded opinion, and if they see ONE thing that is remotely close to that opinion it's confirmed and downtown truly is the horrible frightening place where your likely to get ***** on portage after 6 pm.

Truly infuriating to see people write off what is easily the area of town with the most potential to be a "destination". When you travel to a city, you don't go to the residential developments or check out the big boxstore stations they have, you go to where the culture is, and that is ALWAYS downtown, warts and all.

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