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04-12-2012, 11:34 AM
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What are your play-off predictions?

Weíve all become dependent on Brock for Pre-Season and Play-Off prediction and so it feels like somethingís missing when he isnít able to produce one. Heck thereís more talk on the boards about the draft then the play-offs so letís get off our collective buts and start something.

Unfortunately, my work has the HFNHL site blocked (though I can get to the boards Ė go figure) so I canít check stats like head to head match-ups or even injuries etc. I donít even know who won the first games yesterday since my email also blocks the league announcements. Regardless hereís my uninformed Ďfrom the gutí predictions and I invite everyone else to chime in with theirs.

Eastern Conference
Florida (1) vs. Montreal (8)
Prediction Panthers in 5 - While I have no problem picking an underdog thereís no series I feel more confident in the favorite winning than this one. Floridaís fate after round 1 I wasnít as confident about

Ottawa (2) vs. Boston (7)
Prediction Sens in 6 Ė Hard to rule Boston out especially since they found some lightning in a bottle in the tail half of the year surged from about the 10/11 spot in the East up to 7th. That said my hunch is that Ottawa will still prevail in six.

Philadelphia (3) vs. New York (6)
Prediction Islanders in 6 Ė There is no logical reason for this I know but sometimes reality isnít logical. This was a pure gut feel call on my part.

Buffalo (4) vs. Carolina (5)
Prediction Canes in 7 Ė This was as tough a call as they get. Buffalo has possibly the best play-off record in the HFNHL and are still a strong team on paper. That said I was one of the few that didnít think Carolinaís play earlier this year was as much a shocker as most. Truth is I liked this team for this Sim and the line combinations that were being used at the time and so think this series goes seven. Whether Iím right on Carolina to win game 7 or not is yet to be seen.

Western Conference
Anaheim (1) vs. Detroit (8)
Prediction Ducks in 7 Ė So this is the only one that differs from my pool submission. In that case picked Detroit b/c I assumed bad luck would have me win a single round and have to give Rich my second rounder as part of a conditional trade and then be promptly ousted. Thereís many reasons to believe Anaheim will prevail amongst them is that Detroit has been horrible on the road all year.

Nashville (2) vs. St. Louis (7)
Prediction Preds in 7 Ė Yes another 7 game series. Without the psychological effects of the Presidentís Trophy worries the Blues should be more focused and a tougher opponent than usual but I like the way the Preds have played this year. To come out on top of the brutal Central division shows theyíve got things right.

Vancouver (3) vs. Chicago (6)
Prediction Chicago in 5 Ė Donít ask why but Iíve actually picked the Hawks to win the Cup this year (youíre now jinxed Dryden). While it would be easy to argue a longer series and/or the Canucks winning this is another pure gut feeling prediction again.

Columbus (4) vs. Los Angeles (5)
Prediction Jackets in 6 Ė Itís tough to judge the Jackets with GM Emersonís ADD. He loves to fiddle with his rosters (through trade) and lineups so itís always changing for reasons not always obvious to me. That said the Kings are young and inexperienced and, well, Doug canít screw things up every time

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