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04-12-2012, 11:35 AM
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The Sabres are arrogant and fans continue to purchase the inferior product, therefore the Sabres believe until ticket sales falter then nothing is wrong. Criticizing the news just gives Pegula more positive reinforcement to keep things as they are.
I don't think its fair to characterize the Sabres under Pegula as "arrogant" and them "staying the course" based on ticket sales doesnt make sense either. I think that argument may have applied to previous ownership who was admitedly concerned with the bottom line first and foremost. The reality is Terry came in here and spent a crapload of money on new players and improving the arena experience for fans. I expect that to continue because I believe his number one goal is to win a cup and make this a first class organization. Many of us may disagree if keeping Lindy/Darcy around is the best way to achieve that but it doesn't change the fact that he's committed to improving this team.

As far as TBN is concerned in this instance, it's not about critical or negative stories, the points of which I sometimes agree with; it's about the lack of objectivity and agendas that seem to be pushed a lot of the time. And Harrington's claim that a lack of a press conference is a failure of the team to hold themselves accountable to the fans and the community is ridiculous. Accountability will be shown through what moves this organization makes to get better, not empty soundbites that we've already heard repeatedly throughout the year.

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