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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
The Blown Leads Story:

As we all know, 2011/12 was about watching the Habs get worse as the game went on. Checking the stats, I found it interesting that in the 1st and 2nd periods we were decent in scoring goals and among the league's best in preventing goals. Then, of course, it all went to hell in the 3rd period. Here's how it played out:

1st Period: We scored 66 goals in the 1st period -- 13th best in the league (Vancouver's #1 with 81 goals). Outscored the opposition 66-60. Allowing 60 GA in the 1st period was 8th best. Not bad.

2nd Period: Still good, we outscored the opposition 74-67. 74 goals was 15th in the league (Philly had 98). In fact, allowing only 67 GA in the 2nd period is 6th best in the league.

3rd Period: Uh-oh... outscored 65-83. Our 65 goals was 22nd in the league; allowing 83 goals was also 22nd in the league.

Because of this 3rd period breakdown we ended up with the worst record in the league when scoring first -- 20-11-10. Brutal. We got the first goal and still lost more than half the time! Strangely, things weren't that different last year, when we outscored our opponents in periods one and two, but were outscored 56-72 in the 3rd. But (and it's a BIG but) in 2010/11 we were 32-6-6 when scoring first.

The Penalty Story:

Yes, we had a great PK, but did you know how often it was tested? The Habs were the second-most shorthanded team in the NHL (315 times); only Philadelphia was shorthanded more often (319 times). On a positive note, we actually killed more penalties than anyone else in the league (279 successful PKs), even though NJ had a better percentage.

We all know our PP was awful, but did you know how incredibly often it had the chance to be awful? We had the 3rd most PPs in the league (301 - behind only Philly and Columbus). We scored 43 PP goals, which means we let 258 PP opportunities slip away. Only Philly (66 goals in 335 PP) and Columbus (49 goals in 317 PP) had more unsuccessful PPs, though both had a better PP%.

So Close

Here's where all those blown PPs made a difference. The Habs' record for one-goal games was 11-10-16. That means 37 games - almost half the season - was decided by one goal. Our winning% of 297% is the worst in the league, by far (Carolina is next at 341%). Contrast this with last year, when the Habs were 19-5-8 in one-goal games, 5th best in the league with a 594%.
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