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Originally Posted by BobRouse View Post
I agree. But the sad part? Hunterhockey is very close to Wilson hockey...we do hit more under Hunter but we play the same passive trap/turn the other cheek approach
It is sad... but in his defense, Hunter doesn't even have a Witt or a Simon. Wilson would dog-house those guys for fighting or stirring up trouble. I doubt Hunter would. Without checking the stats, it seems our fighting majors/game are up under Hunter.

This team is still pretty soft overall, imo. I'm not talking about the Perreaults and Semins. Brouwer, Ovie, Alzner, Backstrom, Knuble, Chimera, Laich... all "tough" players (though not all fighters obviously, I still consider them "tough" guys that don't back down). When it comes to guys who actually fight, we have Hendricks, who has a ton of heart and hustle, but he's basically Matt Bradley. An effective 3rd/4th liner, but too small to be anything more than sandpaper/agitator. We need a hammer or three, especially on the backline. What I wouldn't give to have Tinordi in his prime in our lineup, or Simon from his Avs days.

I think if Hunter had more tools at his disposal, he'd have a strategy with a bit more jam to it. I think our team would be a bit more of a bully. This is why I hope he sticks around, at least for another season. McPhee tends to cater to the style of his coach when it comes to building a roster (or is it the other way around and he picks coaches to suit the team?). If Hunter does stick around, it will be interesting to see what additions and subtractions McPhee makes this offseason.

I envy the Bruins lineup. It seems to be the perfect mesh of skill and power/grit.

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