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04-12-2012, 01:44 PM
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you know having all this time off before the game starts tomorrow i came to think about this season and this series and here are my thoughts:

Im proud. Im proud of being a panthers fan for the first time in a long time. Making the playoffs and winning our division is a huge step in the right direction for this club and all the experts keep failing to realize that this team has the number 1 prospect pool in the nhl. It only gets better from here. This is the beginning of greatness.

Regarding the upcoming series against the devils. Im not scared, or nervous or intimidated by the devils or their fans. I am excited and i have no expectations. Any success from here on out just adds to my excitement and gratitude of what this team has accomplished and where it is headed.

It is with some surprise that on the main boards devils fans are wondering why their is not huge rivalry or hate/trash talk between our fans and their arrogant ones.

And then i realized why.

We already won. We could lose this series as far i am concerned and the season would still be a sparkling success. Everyone believes the devils will win. Analysts, fans, devils players. They might be right. But if the devils players and fans go into this series thinking that and the panthers go in with the attitude i expressed above. Anything can happen. We are the loose team. We are the team with no expectations. And the result of this series might just surprise a few people.

so when i start watching tomorrow night i wont have the same nervous, anxious feeling i have during the regular season. I anticipate being rather non-chalant in fact. There is nothing this team could not do or fans to say that would make me believe otherwise that this season has been a success and the future is not bright.

Im so grateful that for the first time in my life i will be getting ready to go to my first ever Panther playoff game in 72 hours. For the first time ever, i didnt have to watch the preds fans, pens fans, and canucks fan last night and think to myself what if feels like to root for my team in the playoffs. This year i wont have that feeling.

Who knows we may just surprise some people.

Lets Go Panthers!

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