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11-19-2003, 05:22 PM
Veni Vidi Toga
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CH has captured it well for me too.

Stu, Calgary has just as much an advantage as NY to get that free agent at the deadline. Because they dont cost much to rent for a playoff run. Its who has the best prospect or draft pick, not who has the cash.

Theoretically, in july, during free agent season, the Rangers will be able to outbid Calgary on a long term contract for an expensive UFA, likely now a core player. Of course if Calgary was on the precipice, many UFAs would rather play in their home town if thats a winner. Or might even choose to play in Calgary for less. And if they were really on the precipice, they probably wouldnt have roster room for an expensive UFA taking up a core position.

The ability to buy a free agent isnt where lower revenue teams gain their advantage from this CBA. The advantage comes in keeping the young players you need to build cheap and your property for longer than in any other sport. A good strategy for low revenue teams. Until they get to the point of winners revenue. And someone bet lots of money that every market could.

There is no reason that Dallas can become big market and Phoenix cant with a winner. It seems as if Ottawa and Vanc can. Now that they are winners. WE didnt think that when they were losers. We thought these teams would be like Edm and Cal.

NJ won a cup several times, even though they salary dumped because as in your Calgary scenario, they were low revenue and couldnt afford a free agent, Holik, and lost him to NYR. So the advantage provides no guarantees.

Until their market will support a winner, you can ice a very exciting young team and build fan interest over several years, while keeping them cheap. Thats the advantage. THere shouldnt be parity because some teams have to be rebuilding young if they want to it right. Its up to the fans to pay the price to have a winner. But even if they do, they still must spend time with a cheap payroll if they want to do it right. Whats wrong with that?

I still cant see why owners would think by bringing Col and Nash to a middle ground, that both markets would overall generate more revenue.

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