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Originally Posted by German Way of War View Post
It's a poorly run organization. They can do all the reality shows they want and hearken the glory days, but the truth is that they have terrible overall organizational depth, especially when you consider they are not a desired free agent destination.

Whitney stinks. Smid is average at best. All the other guys are young and unproven. Their goaltending is a disaster. Their front office is a disaster.

There are only a few teams who are trending downward in the West...Calgary, Columbus, maybe San Jose. The rest of the West will continue to make life difficult for the Oilers.

Sure, it might appeal to Schultz to go an organization built around offense and finesse. But there are winning teams already like that who will give him a chance to star, make a lot of money and give him a chance to be a champion.

Edmonton doesnt fit that bill at all.

Other than goaltending, I don't see major problems with the Oilers. And goaltending can be acquired relatively inexpensively unless you are looking for a superstar. A quality starter becomes available every now and then for very low price.

Whitney doesn't suck, he's just not in the right position because they expect him to be the leader of their blueline corps. Put him on the second pair as the #4 defenseman and suddenly he'll look much better.

The fact that other guys are unproven isn't a big deal. I will take 3 first overall, but unproven guys over anything the Rangers have. Who are our top 3 guys? Richards, Gaborik and Callahan. Are you telling me you wouldn't trade them for Hall, RNH and The Nailer, proven or not?

Give it 2 years and Edmonton will be insane good.

As for other teams in the West, I definitely see Detroit trending down. I'm not at all excited about where Calgary is going. Winnipeg will be a weak team in the West. Dallas will probably get a little worse in the coming years. Vancouver will continue to be a good team, but probably not as good as they've been the last two seasons.

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