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Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
Bottom line is Zetterberg had virtually no chance of getting hurt on the play. Getting his visor mashed 3in from the glass isn't going to hurt anyone, as much as Zetterberg tried to sell it afterwards. Suspensions should be measured on the potential for causing injury.

Even-though there was virtually no chance of a Zetterberg injury, it was a dumb play by Weber. He shouldn't blatantly target people like that. I don't see how Bertuzzi's targeting of Gaustaud is any different though. Both should not happen in an ideal hockey world.

Will make for interesting theater. Wings have very little muscle to push people around if they plan to retaliate physically.

I'd put in Tootoo over Yip after this though.... we need someone willing to drop the gloves and stir **** up in a way only Tootoo can do (and it's usually legal). Get them targeting Tootoo... he thrives in those situations.
Exactly no way a 6'0 200 pound hockey player wearing a helmet gets hurt after the force of getting pushed in the back of the head by an arm into a spring board wall of glass that has give in it. It was all a show by Zetterberg which is one of Detroits many actors.

No one is talking about Zetterburg hitting Weber from behind and Webers face head bouncing off of the glass which is why Weber acted the way he did. Maybe Weber should have punched him square in the face like Bertuzzi did Goose and it would have been ok.

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