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04-12-2012, 04:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Vikke View Post
I googled it now and it wasn't all that far off
I would love to see your findings. We've been speaking the way we are, long before first Russian saw the beach of the Baltic sea. Long story short, our language is unique and it's constructed in such way, that every noun (even foreign surnames) can only end with certain letter, and in most cases it's the letter "s". I'm certain that your surname spelled in Latvian would also end with a letter "s" (or we would be unable to use in a sentence at all), even though your surname is no way "Russian", Mr. Randomsson.

From now on, I'll be thinking that Swedes are speaking Swedish and using it's grammar only to distance themselves from any other group of people in the world (Finns, Nazi's or Klingon folks) and not because it's the language they've been using for hundreds of years.


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