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04-12-2012, 04:59 PM
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Lindy Ruff is admittedly one of the worst coaches in the ATD. But, I'm fine with that because he's not going to be doing much except for being a motivator. And being a motivator is what he does best.

Gorman is definitely a better coach. He's had success in winning two cups. I'm not sure exactly what his style is, and how conducive it is to Winnipeg's talent. Looking at his bio, I don't really see much about how he liked to coach, or the style that his teams played. From what I gather, he was a guy that was a really good motivator, and guys liked to play for him. I don't see much about aggressive his teams were, or if he liked to match lines. If someone could provide some more information about him as a coach, I think I could make a better evaluation.

Winnipeg has a default advantage in coaching. I waited so long to take a coach for a reason. Philadelphia's not going to be matching lines, so Ruff can do what he does best, be a motivator and make sure his guys are playing hard.

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