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03-06-2006, 04:38 AM
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Something just hit me.......

and it wasn't Jester's fist (yet.....hahaha). I was actually thinking that the season is salvagable and they Flyers might just destroy everyone in the playoffs. Check it out. Hitchcock is a genius. That's right, a genius. First of all, this team was an overconfident bunch and preseason interviews and stuff just showed how overconfident they were. So, they get beat up a bit for the first few games and then in mid-November, they begin to turn it up a bit. They start winning. What happens? The cocky attitudes come back and the hard work gets put on the backburner. They lose a couple of more and then injuries hit. Out of desperation, everyone on the team starts listening to Hitch again. What happens? They go on that magical run where they simply became known as the Road Warriors (great movie, great tag team, great comparison). However, that magical run starts bringing back bad habits. What happens? The team goes into a slump. This time though, the slump is really prolonged.

I thought about why Hitchcock would ever allow his team to be in such a prolonged slump and then it hit me. He wants to break everyone on the team to the point where they become so desperate, they're willing to do anything to win. I bet this slump ends around the second week of March and they start to roll again after that and then go into the playoffs on a big run. Eventually, the Beasts from the Easts will return and stomp a mudhole in the @$$e$ of every other team in the playoffs. I really think now they might just pull this off. Everbody, welcome back our much beloved and missed.......TEAM TURMOIL!!!!!! Damn, who'd have thought that I would miss the days of Team Turmoil. It worked too and that's what's crazier. Yep, I've got a good feeling we're Cup bound.

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