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Originally Posted by Qui Gon Dave View Post
But you can push a guy skating quickly without the puck head first into the glass/turnbuckle and break his neck, try and fob any lame excuse off to the media in a desperate attempt to try and pardon yourself and then sit back as your teammates make dumb comments about the situation. This we know.

As for Weber last night, what he did was stupid and dangerous. Thankfully Z wasn't hurt. I also wouldn't have objected to a single game suspension. As for Z's actions, obviously in that kind of game situation, he is going to go hard after the puck, but he has to know if he goes in straight behind Weber with that kind of force, that'll draw a reaction. He could have gone into his side along the boards but didn't. Both did something dumb, Weber a bit more so IMO. I expect the NHL wants to use this as a shot across the bow to both teams to try and keep them in line as much as possible for the rest of the series.
We are on the same page here.

But I will say this, the league took out the ability for Zetterberg to go in and sort of bear hug his opponent into the board, preventing a crash. There's nothing that could stop a player from grabbing the head of another player and smacking it into the boards. Dont get me wrong, you see the player's jersey, DONT HIT THEM. Simple.

I think the league has perpetrated ALL of this to be honest with you. With the rule changes, and the way the 'brass' seem to want the game played, it's doing nothing but making it open season on opposing players. It's a shame.

Weber does something like that 20 years ago, and he's sweating a butt kicking tomorrow. There's no protection anymore for players. They used to police themselves, and through rule changes the league has dismantled that and tried to police it through penalties. It doesn't work when penalties are inconsistent.

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