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03-06-2006, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Seph
On the other hand, it's a gamble if don't sign him when he wants to sign, that we'll be able to sign him when other teams start floating talk of offers his way. Especially seeing that we have no idea when a new GM will be appointed, and when he is how long it will take him to get into the swing of things. It's also quite possible that Bates would be more willing to sign a cheap contract as a favor to the guy that got him into the NHL in the first place, than he would for whoever replaces Milbury. At the very least, someone would pluck Bates off of waivers, assuming he makes 1m or less. Which again results in the same compensation as losing him to UFA.
I agree, that is a gamble for precisely the reasons you state. But as much as you and I like Bates (he's Masterful! ) the new GM is the one who should be making that decision, not me, you or Milbury. Yes, we could lose him via free agency if we didn't sign him now, but it's just not Milbury's place to decide who is so valuable we should lock them up. What happens when Milbury decides Kvasha is a good PKer and Oleg decides he'll sign a three-year deal for $800,000 and Milbury locks him up? We said it as a joke before, but should Milbury make that decision? Yes, perhaps there was some marginally greater risk of losing Bates if we waited until April, but given our situation those are the breaks -- Milbury simply should not be tying our new GM's hands with any new commitments.

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