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03-06-2006, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Killer Carlson
He has some value to the team as you pointed out but I don't get why this decision HAD to be made now. IF the new GM wanted him, he could have signed him when he comes on board. Now, he has another long-term contract to manage.

I like Bates' effort and drive but NYIsles is right. He is a very limited player (who, btw, has contributed NOTHING offensively since his injury) and is easily replaced. I'm not trying to crush the guy, but it isn't like he was a no-brainer to be re-signed. Like, let's just say that we had a player like Eric Staal who was a UFA...OF COURSE we would try to re-sign him before he hit the market. But, Shawn Bates? Why was their such urgency to lock him up, ESPECIALLY with a new GM coming in???

I'm completely baffled by this move.
Probably because the two sides came to an amicable agreement. Most likely without an extension Bates' was going to be traded to 29 other locations in the NHL. Then, he would have to find a new team among the other 29-30 in the league during the summer. Bates most likely took less money to avoid that and stay with NYI.

I'm not too keen on the 3yr part b/c of his groin problems.

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