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03-06-2006, 11:22 AM
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Originally Posted by blitzkriegs
I would have MORE of an issue with MM locking up higher salaried players. So far, that has not happened.
But that's exactly the point. Milbury should not be making the call as to who is important enough or signing reasonably enough to keep. He does not know how the new GM wants to allocate resources. He just should not be tying our hands going forward. We all happen to like Bates, but that is beside the point. The bigger issue is there was no pressing need to make this signing when the new GM is coming on. If Milbury could get ALL our pending free agents signed reasonably, or, hell, even at a discount, SHOULD he? Of course not. We're not bringing in a new GM to keep all of Milbury's players but just at reasonable rates, we're bringing him in b/c Milbury's team is more or less a failure and the new GM will restructure the team. So why tie the new guy's hands? There was plenty of time to do this between now and July 1 and the new GM could deal with it then. And if Bates walked, well, we'd have to find another sparkplug player with string-cheese groins to score ten goals for us next year. I like him, and I'm glad he'll be around, but he's limited and it's not my place any more than it is Milbury's to decide who we should be retaining.

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