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04-12-2012, 10:00 PM
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The Canucks as an org should have been fined and a serious amount at that.

That had to massage the roster to fit that pile of human excrement into their line up knowing that he ZERO NHL ability other than to skate very slowly and injure his opponents and not the way that straight forward hockey players do but by dirty filthy garbage cheap azz intent to injure hack jobs.

The NHL is garbage and Shanahan has done nothing right since taking over his position. The guy should be fired today but not just for the B.S. two game suspension to a worthless hack who isn't going to even be in the NHL after this season but take a look at this season.

Crosby, the face of the NHL is cheap shot away from the game and misses most of the season. There are several other incidents but lets just use this as an example.

The piece of garbage who broke SC's neck got a couple of games when the Pens, a team I hate by the way were without the best player in the world (arguably) for the vast majority of the season and may possibly never play the game the same way again.

The solution to this problem is simple.

Once an intent to injure major is called on the ice the offending player is suspended from the NHL in its entirety. His case is then sent to an NHL adjudicator where it is reviewed and if it is indeed found to have been intentional then that player remains suspended by the NHL and is unavailable to play in the NHL or receive any pay from any NHL team or its affiliates until the injured player returns to regular game play.

Once the injured player returns to regular NHL play the suspended player can then apply for reinstatement to the NHL and then be allowed to serve any suspension that the league deems fit for the actions that saw him removed from the NHL.

The only addition that I would make to this is that I would allow for an outside arbitrator to review the case as an automatic appeal prior to the player be removed from the NHL.

In other words if you are found to have intentionally injured another player then you are thrown out of the NHL until that player returns to regular NHL play and then the NHL will assess any suspension that they think you have coming.

It makes you accountable for your actions in that if you pull a Bertuzzi and literally ruin another players career to the point where he is unable to return to the NHL then you too will never play in the NHL again.

If you only temporarily injure a player then you get to sit out until they return to play and then you can serve further suspension as determined by the league. It would have to make hacks think twice about running guys and intentionally injuring them.

There is more to the idea but I believe it would work or even a modified version of it would work so much better than what we have to accept as discipline today.

Shanahan sucks at this job and should be removed. A hack like Bitz should have to sit out until Clifford returns to regular NHL play and then be allowed to serve his two games.

AN eye for an eye.

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