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03-06-2006, 04:25 PM
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You are right that many of our prospects are thought of as good-great 3rd liners, with some possible upside to 2nd line duty.

BUT, even with my proposed 3rd line next year of Bergie- Nokie- Bates, that is pretty young, and we would have to have a vet, if not Bates on that line anyway.

Thing is, Bates at $1.2 is very reasonable, and so what if we have a log jam for the bottom 2 lines in a couple of years? If they all develop into great 3rd liners, they, or Bates will still be VERY attractive to teams looking for that type of player, since NONE of those guys (including Bates) will be making much over a mil. per.

In the meantime we have a player in Bates who sets a good example to our young guys, and if history is any guide, we will see that a Bates / type player will command MUCH more this offseason. Especially when you consider that there are not many high end guys available this summer, so lower level guys may actually soak up those $$ this offseason, just as Satchard did last year.

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