Thread: News Article: Sutter and Flames Part Ways
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04-13-2012, 02:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Perro View Post
Was Feaster responsible for hiring the worse retread in Melrose? Or was that someone else.
No, Torts was the Bolts only coach during Feaster's tenure. so this is actually the first time in his career as GM Feaster has not kept his coach.

Originally Posted by mapletoft View Post
Mutual agreement...fired...same thing...Feaster didn't want him back, sugar coated way of saying you are fired!
Actually it's not. Fired means you are fired, this means they are not extending his contract as it expires this summer. By your logic any player that doesn't re-sign was fired too

Originally Posted by chrisralph007 View Post
Ryan Pike slightly ahead of his time post some candidates last week on THW:
Brad Marsh and Clouston are interesting candidates, but didn't Clouston headbutt with star players in Ottawa?

Flames Fanatic you would know more about Clouston's time on Ottawa, what have you heard?

Originally Posted by Hal 9000 View Post
I'm not a flames fan or a Sutter fan, but the failures of the flames are all on Feaster.
It's Feaster's fault half the team was given no trade clauses by his predecessor? it's Feaster's fault ownership mandates the team try and compete for the playoffs every year?

yeah okay.....

my thoughts on Butter not returning are this:

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