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Originally Posted by Engineer View Post
Thanks Alex,

Leaving for Montreal in 24 hours!

One last question: Name a really nice date-type restaurant.

Pricing is not an issue.

Preferably French cuisine.

Edit: Modavie is recommended on page 1. Not really sure if that's what I'm looking for though.
Depends on your style and the type of date, I suppose.

I like XO Le Restaurant -- it's in Hotel St. James in Old Montreal. I've generally had good meals there.

A personal favourite is Club Chasse et Peche, also in Old Montreal. I find it consistently very good, and it's a comfortable place--almost feels like a cave!

Toque! is consistently ranked as a top restaurant in the city. Myself, I've never been entirely sold. It's innovative, for sure, and if you or your date is a foodie, it's worth giving a try (and I'm sure it'd be enjoyable), but I'm often left feeling some ingredient was missing in some of the dishes. Still, it's more generally accepted as a top restaurant than the others I've posted.

Cafe via Dante is much different than all of the above (all of which are higher-end, Old Montreal, french-styled restaurants) ... this is more of a casual Italian fare that's also a personal favourite. It's also far from downtown--up in Little Italy, by Jean Talon market. But it's got the best gnocchi I've ever had, and I generally find them to be the best Italian in the city. (not that it necessarily means much: other Italian places, namely Bice, da Emma, and and Le Latini tend to be overpriced and often merely 'good').

Oh, and if you're in the mood for something different: try Jun I. Japanese-french fusion, with the best sushi in the city (again, doesn't say much as Montreal's not a sushi city--but it's quite good even by non-Montreal standards). Has a regular menu as well. This is in the plateau on Laurier.

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