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04-13-2012, 05:22 AM
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Originally Posted by nocturn View Post
Question for any Pharm, Doc or Nurse out there:\n\nWhy does it seem 5/325 Oxycodone/APAP is stronger but doesnt seem to work as well as 7.5/325 Hydrocodone/APAP? Is it just me and my body chemical make up or is it something else?\n\nAfter my triple lamindectomy 3 weeks ago, my surgeon prescribed me 5/325 Percocets and Ive been taking 2 each, every 5ish hours or so up until last night when I decided to take 2 ea 7.5/325 (Norcos?) That I had left from before surgery, in leu of the Percocets. They completely killed the pain whereas the percocets always left a nagging pain. I thought the oxycodone was supposed to be like 2X stronger than the hydrocodone? It sure doesnt feel that way. I'd gladly take the lesser hydrocodone over the oxycodone anyday. I even told my nurse this morning that Id prefer to drop the percocets and go back to the lighter hydrocodones until they ween me off all of it here in the next month or so. She couldnt believe what I was asking her....bumping down pk's instead of staying with the heavier stuff. \n\nEither way, i cant wait to get off this crap. I HATE having a physical dependency on a med. Ive been on some form of codone now for over a year and I hate, hate, hate it. So much so I vouched to have the surgery versus a lifetime of pain pill after pill after pill....forever.\n\nI unfortunately had to learn the hardway that physical opiate dependency sucks worse than anything out there. Ive never taken more than I should and ive ALWAYS listened to my Doc and nurse tell me. Ive been very responsible with these things. But, my dopehead 50 year old bro-in-law stole around 70ish pills from me about 6 months ago and I had the total pleasure of going thru a cold turkey withdrawl from hydrocodone. HOLY ****, WORST THING EVER. And thats why I want off of them. I wouldnt wish a opiate withdrawl on my worst enemy....not even a Van fan.
twice ive had to take opiates. i'm a carpenter and i got treated timber in my eye and it got infected and i was prescribed opiates. Aswell as just recently i had a virus with stomach pains. I explained to the nurse that the pain was a 9 out of ten. i was then prescribed a morphine hit that was so high i stopped breathing and was o2 masked for the next 3 hours. Just from that one injectioj part of my brain is looking forward to my next injury. i dont think i would be strong enough to break a long term prescription. i wish you luck.

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