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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Mitchell plays center for us, and neither Feds, Kreider or Rupp can play that role.

Also, lets be a little realistic here, unless nothing else works and Torts with Kreider is put in kind of the same position as Renney with Korpikoski a while back, Kreider would never be given even a half big role instantly. 5-6 minutes at the most for a couple of games. Then maybe more. Look at Hagelin's ice time, and that were during the regular season.

Keep Kreider around the team. If we are put with out back against the walls, for some reason, give him a shot. Lets see what he can do. But forget about Torts putting in Kreider in like a top 9 role in a G4 if we are up 3-0 or something -- he is definitely not that good. He is definitely not so good that he would give us another dimension had he just been able to get his feet wet. He is young and developing, of course, but last year for US in the WCH's he was put in the stands for example, and the US had AHLer's basically on line 3-4. At the age of 17 AO dominated in the WCH's. So did Niklas Bäckström. Kreider at the age of 20 y/o looked out of place.

If he had been give a month or two to get going in the regular season, he might have been able to find a spot on the team. He will become a very good NHLer for us.
Kreider played in every game last year for the US. And he certainly wasn't out of place. Don't know what games you were watching. Oh, and he was 19 btw, not 20.

Comparing him to AO is ridiculous. Different players. Different development paths. Just because one player was better at a younger age doesn't mean they won't end up at the same place. And no, I'm not saying that Kreider will be as good as AO. Just saying your argument is a straw man.

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