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04-13-2012, 09:22 AM
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Originally Posted by FytinSioux View Post
Not all that worried. I thought the Hawks played a "dumb" game. Stupid turnovers, sloppy passes, bad shots, etc.. Phoenix is good at clogging up the neutral zone and making things frustrating. They have good goaltending and not much else. They don't have much for scoring threats. They hope for mistakes and capitalize on them. They got some real good breaks last night...not saying they were lucky, they just did what they had to do to win...good goaltending and capitalized on mistakes.

Ice was bad last night...puck bouncing all over the place. A lot of guys struggled keeping it on the stick.

How freakin hard is it to get the puck into the zone on a powerplay? Brutal zone puck support.

Didn't look at the stats, but pretty sure we got worked in the faceoff circle. Lost most of the important draws anyways.

Leddy doesn't seem ready for playoffs yet. He seems scared in the corners. Doesn't go in with authority, just seems hesitant to engage the puck. Play gets tougher in the corners in the playoffs and you have to be stronger on the puck. A few times last night I was yelling at him to man up. He would go in softly and lose a puck battle he should have won.

Hawks will get better as the series goes on.
Yet they oustscored the Hawks with their leading scorer out for most of the game.

Leddy played well, Oduya and O'Donell were, I don't know, I think still in Chicago because I didn't see them on the ice last night and Hammer was busy creating scoring chances for the Yotes.

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