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04-13-2012, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by RoyalAnton View Post
This seems like a good place to put this...

Many of the Thrashers fans know that I live in Chattanooga. A really good buddy of mine is a huge Preds fan, and he's really helped to bring me into the fold (even bought me a Preds hat the day after Winnipeg stole our team). I've been to four Preds games this season (including a Preds/Canes game in Raleigh), and while I'll definitely pull for the Canes in the East, I have become a Preds fan. The energy, support, fervor, and marketing are all things I wished Atlanta could've done, but simply didn't. In short, Nashville is all the things I had hoped Atlanta could be. You definitely helped me get over the loss of our team.

My fiancee, myself, and another couple will be there this evening for Game 2. If you see a 6'2, goofy looking guy wearing an original logo Preds hat with an impossibly beautiful blonde with him, say hi.

Go Preds!

So, East Ridge? Fairyland? N. Chattanooga.

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